​​​​​​​In mid 2021, BMW launched Self Check-In Kiosks in their showrooms and garages allowing customers to check-in their vehicle with minimal effort.
​​​​​​​I collaborated with a copywriter to deliver a series of 9 animations promoting the My BMW App. The animations serve as the focal point of a campaign launched across all digital channels with each animation needing to be storyboarded and approved by the client before proceeding. Soundtrack and all sound design was selected and edited by myself.
Compilation of all 9 animations.
Final storyboard for one of the animations.
BELOW The animations were rolled across across all social media channels.
I worked on numerous posts across social media including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The video edit on the right is an Instagram Story.
Educating customers that 0% Finance is available on all Service, Maintenance and Accessories.
Aftersales video to educate customers on the service provided and how it can benefit them
I worked on numerous campaigns across social media. 
Examples of Instagram Stories. Most stories involved adding movement to static imagery to make it more engaging.
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